Why choose us…

Why Ride with VeloSki?   …because We Know the Way!

The staff at Veloski Sports know the right ways, the best ways—and the wrong ways, too…because that’s what you learn from riding thousands of miles of little-known European roadways, over many years.
When you ride with VeloSki Sports, you benefit from our extensive experience and impeccable route research—key factors that can’t be matched by other operators
When you’re ready for a bicycle tour in Europe, VeloSki Sports is at the top of your list. Why? It’s all about expertise, experience, and passion
At Veloski, we ensure all the conditions are right for your bicycling tour vacation in Europe! Oh, and did we mention that we love to ride bikes!
You Can Count On Our Experience
We eliminate surprises and enable you to focus on your goals, your experience and your riding. The freedom of the quiet, untraveled roads of Europe is yours to enjoy at your own pace, however measured or fast that may be.
Our attention to logistics affords you the freedom to “flesh out” your vacation to suit your particular interests, energy, and desires.  
A Passion to Share the Joy from VeloSki’s Miles of Experience
Leading others on cycling adventures in Europe is our passion. We’re good at it! And that makes our mission simple: we share it with you! 
The result for you?  A European bike trip that you could never approach on your own—with all the details covered.  And every rider gets special attention throughout the tour, as each day’s itinerary includes multiple options to meet your particular riding style and personal goals.
We understand that many of our clients like you are professionals. You have high standards for your own work. And you have high expectations for any tour you take. We appreciate this. We are passionate in this very way about your riding with us in Europe.  It’s our profession—and we take it seriously. 
Whether it’s a leisurely tour of Provence or a competitive Performance Cycling Camp in the Swiss Alps…we strive to impress you with a well-designed, well-researched and well-executed trip.
All of VeloSki Sports’ trips are geared to exceed your expectations!
Freedom to Explore and Experience a Community and Culture
We design all of our tours from experience riding the roads, staying in the inns and dining in the cafes along the route.  In addition, we emphasize independent exploration. This gives you the chance for authentic interaction with local people, customs and traditions.  
One of the true rewards of a well-designed European bike tour is the many new friends you make along the way. For instance, we deliberately do not include lunches as part of our package, enabling you to experience the joy of meeting new people and immersing yourself within the culture.  
Each VeloSki Sports cycling vacation is designed to ride the best roads of the regions we tour. The scenery is stunning—from a bicycle you can stop virtually anywhere and take pictures that drivers cannot capture.  Along the way, we know the special restaurants for exceptional food and ambience.  And when you arrive in a village, town or city you can ride directly to the cafes, restaurants and shops without looking for a place to park; that is the freedom of travel in Europe by bicycle.  
A VeloSki Sports Europe Bike Tour—More Than the Sum of its Miles
In today’s off-the-rack world, our tours come as close to custom as possible (and we offer a complete custom tour option as well…). Our intimate knowledge of the areas we ride allows us to customize each day of the tour for your unique cycling enjoyment. You get to decide which options are best for you. 
Riders can go with a guide or on their own for any part of the tour. Feeling adventurous? Head off on your own. Don’t worry. We’ll point the way—and will find you if necessary! Advantages of riding with a guide are: no need to navigate unfamiliar roads, so there is less time spent consulting a map and more time riding. But there is great adventure and satisfaction in route-finding on your own—especially when you know that your bags will be waiting in your room at the hotel where a fine meal and friends await to hear you regale them with the tales of your ride!
And a great part of the adventure is interacting with the locals.  Again, don’t worry; with a few basic phrases and a big smile you will have a wonderful time.  And, to help, we have compiled a glossary of important terms and practices for each of the regions where we travel, so you need not feel lost or clueless about your communications.  
In addition, at VeloSki Sports we all have coaching experience and backgrounds in cycling and skiing, from amateur to professional levels.  We can help you with any aspect of performance pedalingYou can look forward to that as more than a small bonus.  Minor adjustments can yield major enjoyment and improvement.  This coaching element is just one more example of the ever-expanding list of benefits of riding in Europe with us at VeloSki Sports.  
At VeloSki Sports, we give you the solid foundation you need to build your dream bike vacation